Saturday, October 27, 2012

Balance: A Word With Multiple Meanings

Earlier today I was in a power yoga class, sitting in a puddle of my own sweat (and probably others), and I was thinking about how important the word balance is.  In yoga, it is important to have balance in the poses, so that you don't fall into the person next to you.  In life, it is important to have balance between work/friends/family. Balance even shows up when it comes to our diets.  Many times people get caught up in the world of food and take things to an extreme.  Whether you are an over-eater, or someone who does not eat enough, you are out of balance.

So, how do we become more balanced when it comes to our food choices?  One way is to keep a food journal and be accountable for everything that goes into your mouth.  I like to think that I am a healthy eater, but I must admit there are days where I find myself eating the leftover peanut butter sandwich that my son left on his highchair tray (gross, right?).  Ultimately, finding balance in terms of food is going to be different for everyone.  Take time and think about what you are eating.  Are you really hungry, or are you eating for other reasons?  Is the food you are about to eat made from quality ingredients?  Will it give you energy, or make you tired and sluggish?  Can you pronounce everything in the label?  When we really start to think about what we are eating we tend to make better choices.  A balanced diet is not a diet, it is not an extreme, it allows you to enjoy the things that you love, and it leaves you feeling satisfied and centered.

Goal for the day:  Think about what the word balance means to you.  How can you work on finding your perfect balance?  Start small...even the smallest of changes can lead to big results.